The purpose of this proposal is to set eligibility criteria for the IBS Board of Trustees as well as establish a procedure for the nomination of said Trustees for the introduction of new ideas and continuity of effort.


  1. Lay Trustee
  1. Be a current BCA member
  2. Familiarity with undergraduate or graduate education administration
  3. Willing to put aside personal agenda and views and pursue the mission and goals of IBS
  4. Have familiarity with BCA organization (including IBS and the Endowment Foundation)
  5. Have served at least 3 years at the local or district level
  1. Ministerial Trustee
  1. Be a current member of the BCA Minister’s Association
  2. Will meet the same criteria as for a lay member


  1. Lay Trustee

a. Nomination(s) must be in writing and should include the following information (see Nomination form):

  1. Name and signature as well as Temple affiliation
  2. Name and signature of District President and name of District submitting nomination
  3. Offices held at the local, district and National levels along with years of service
  4. Qualifications of candidate to serve on the IBS Board of Trustees
  5. Statement from the nominee as to why he/she would like to serve as a Trustee
  6. Statement from the nominee as to his/her vision for IBS

b. One nomination for each opening on the Board of Trustees may be made by each of the District Councils within the BCA.

c. IBS Trustees can make written nominations as described above.

  1. Ministerial Trustee

a. The BCA Minister’s Association can make written nomination(s) (see above)

b. IBS Trustees can make written nominations as described above.



a. Reminder to submit nominations to fill vacancies will be made at the BCA National Board Meetings by the IBS representative giving the IBS report.

b. Nomination forms will be available at the IBS Office and will be Faxed or mailed upon request. An online nomination form will also be available on the IBS website.

c. Nomination forms must be COMPLETE and returned to the IBS office by the end of the BCA National Council meeting.

d. The Trustee selection committee will be the IBS Board present for their first regularly scheduled meeting following the National Council meeting.

e. IBS staff members are ineligible to vote.

f. Voting shall be by secret ballot. Ballots shall be counted by at least 2 IBS staff members or, in their absence, appointed Trustee members.

g. The entire nomination “slate” shall be put up for election. The two candidates in each category (lay and minister) with the most votes will proceed to the next round of voting until a Trustee is selected. Election of the Trustee must be by at least majority vote of the Board.

h. The newly elected Trustees will be officially be notified by mail of their selection and will take office at the next Trustee’s meeting.


a. Nominations can be made as described in section C, 2 above.

b. Selection of the ministerial Trustee will be the same as described for the lay representative described in section D, 2 above.


The administrative staff of the IBS shall handle all nomination requests and nomination forms.


Amendments to this procedure can be amended by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Trustees. A written and amended copy of the nomination procedure must de distributed to all Trustees.