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A Word from the Dean

A Word from the Dean

We wish to welcome all those who may be considering training for the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist ministry or who are interested in the scholarly study of Buddhism. The great potential for the development of Buddhism in the Western world is an exciting prospect.

Jodo Shinshu has been present in the United States for a century and has established deep roots and a nationwide organization. Its important role in the study of Buddhism has been recognized by the Graduate Theological Union, with which we are affiliated.

IBS is, therefore, in a unique position to offer not only education in Jodo Shinshu and Buddhism generally, but also offers broad contact with religious studies and issues in contemporary society. The development of knowledgeable, articulate, and sensitive ministers and scholars is a primary need for the future progress of the sangha. We have a great challenge and opportunity to share with others the depth and richness of the Shin Buddhist heritage and the Buddhist traditions which provide the basis for that heritage. Out of a solid foundation in the Shin heritage and its background, and serious engagement with the most important developments of current religious, philosophic and social thought, the relevance of Shin thought to the contemporary world can continue to unfold.


Richard K. Payne, Ph.D.

Dean, Institute of Buddhist Studies