OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA Word from the President

The Institute of Buddhist Studies is a graduate school and seminary that offers a unique opportunity to those who desire to study, learn, and seek the Way of Wisdom.

The Contemplation Sutra encourages the study of the Buddhadharma to learn and realize the Compassionate Heart of the Awakened Ones. Through research and study, you will be able to deepen your appreciation of the true essence of the Buddha, thus leading to the truth of the Dharma. Realizing the wonderful legacy left by our predecessors will certainly inspire you to share the Buddhadharma with others.

The Institute also provides a curriculum for those interested in Buddhist ministry and chaplaincy. A true ministry requires a deepening of one’s own appreciation for the Buddhadharma. Buddhist ministry entails humbly listening and learning together, and sharing the joy of the knowledge gained with others.

The Institute of Buddhist Studies is the ideal institution for those who wish to dedicate themselves to the study of the Buddhadharma, or who may aspire to become a Shin Buddhist minister or a Buddhist chaplain whose life is dedicated to benefiting others. I invite you to pursue your study of the Buddhadharma at the IBS, and brighten your future with the Light of Wisdom.

Rev. Kodo Umezu
President, Institute of Buddhist Studies

A Word from the Dean

The Institute of Buddhist Studies grew out of a desire to educate American-born Buddhists for ordination in the Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha tradition of Shin Buddhism. This denominational affiliation, however, is tempered by the American context. American Buddhists and those seeking to study Buddhism in America, are located in a necessarily diverse and pluralistic culture which informs their understanding of the tradition. Thus, the mission of the IBS has developed over time to include graduate education in the entirety of the Buddhist tradition.

This mission is expressed through providing our students with a broad base of knowledge upon which to build a depth of specialization. Whether our students are seeking to specialize in Jodo Shinshu studies, Soto Zen studies, or Theravada studies, they approach their studies by first being well grounded in the breadth of the Buddhist tradition as a whole. In preparing our graduates for further academic work or careers in ministry or chaplaincy, we seek to expose them to the wide diversity of Buddhist and religious cultures from across the globe.

Our educational programs then prepare ministers, chaplains, and scholars to become public leaders and further the development of Buddhism and Buddhist Studies in the contemporary world.

Scott A. Mitchell
Dean of Students and Faculty Affairs
Yoshitaka Tamai Professor of Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Studies