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Contemporary Issues in Buddhist Studies Series

With the support of the Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai, the Institute of Buddhist Studies has initiated the publication series, “Contemporary Issues in Buddhist Studies.” Titles can be ordered from the the BCA Buddhist Bookstore.

A forthcoming volume of essays honoring the late Prof. Leslie Kawamura, edited by Sarah Haynes and Michelle J. Sorensen, is in production. Please see our News & Events blog for updates.

Available titles include:

Path of No Path: Contemporary Studies in Pure Land Buddhism Honoring Roger Coreless

Path of No Path: Contemporary Studies in Pure Land Buddhism Honoring Roger Coreless


Foreword by Arthur Holder
Preface: Appreciating Roger by Gordon Bermant
Acknowledgements by Richard K. Payne

   Vajrasattva Meditation: Healing through Crosscultural Perspectives
      by Harvey B. Aronson
   A Tang Esoteric Manual for Rebirth in the Pure Land: Rites for Contempation of and Offering to Amitāyus Tathāgata
      by Charles D. Orzech
   Shinran’s Secret Transmission to Nyoshin: The Hōri hachiman chō
      by James H. Sanford
   American Jōdo Shinshū Practice: A Fork in the Road
      by Gordon Bermant

   Yuan Hongdao and the Xifang helun: Pure Land Theology in the Late Ming Dynasty
      by Charles B. Jones
   Spiritual Kinship and Lineage in Major Buddhist Traditions
      by Charles S. Prebish
   How Not to Talk About Pure Land Buddhism: A Critique of Huston Smith’s (Mis)Representations
      by Richard K. Payne

   The Supremacy of Amida’s Vows in Rennyo: the Case of Women
      by Alfred Bloom
   Shinran’s Pure Land Buddhism as a Way of Being Religious: Some Twenty-first-century tasks for Shin Buddhist Theology
      by Ruben L.F. Habito
   Amida and Pure Land within a Contemporary Worldview: from Shinran’s Literal Symbolism to Figurative Symbolism
      by Kenneth K. Tanaka

pp. xix + 290, includes bibliography and index

Shin Buddhism: Historical, Textual, and Interpretive Studies

Shin Buddhism: Historical, Textual, and Interpretive Studies


Historical Studies
   Pure Land Systematics in India: The Buddhabhūmi-sūtra and the Trikāya Doctrine
      John P. Keenan
   Avadāna-vāda and the Pure Land Faith
      Whalen Lai
   The Transformation of the Pure Land in the Development of Lay Buddhist Practice in China
      Kather K. Velasco
   Where Is the Pure Land? Controversy in Chinese Buddhism on the Nature of the Pure Land
      Kenneth K. Tanaka
   Activity of the Aya and Hata in the Domain of the Sacred
      Bruno Lewin
   Genshin’s Essentials of Pure Land Rebirth and the Transmission of Pure Land Buddhism to Japan
      Allan A. Andrews    The Conception of the Japanese Kami in the Kamakura Era: Notes on the First Chapter of the Saksekishū
      Hartmut O. Rotermund
   The New Buddhism of Kamakura and the Doctrine of Innate Enlightenment
      Ruben L.F. Habito

Textual Studies
   Earliest Usage of “Dajing” (Daikyō) and “Wangshenglun” (Ōjōron) by a Non-Orthodox Pure Land Buddhist: Its Implication for Chinese Pure Land Buddhism
      Kenneth K. Tanaka
   Shinzei’s Discourse on Practicing the Samādhi of Meditating on the Buddha
      Richard K. Payne
   Rennyo’s Legacy: The Letters as Scripture
      Minor L. Rogers and Ann T. Rogers

Interpretive Studies
   The Brilliance of Emptiness: Tanluan as a Mystic of Light
      Roger J. Corless
   Honzon—Object of Worship in Shin Buddhism
      Jōryū Chiba
   Shin Buddhism Studies and Secularization
      Mitsuya Dake
   The Theme of Subjectivity in Kiyozawa Manshi’s Seishinshugi
      Gilbert L. Johnston
   The Buddhist Churches of America: Challenges for Change in the Twenty-First Century
      Tetsuden Kashima

pp. xii + 397, includes bibliography and index