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Pacific World Journal

New Series Number 7
Fall 1991

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  • Buddhism as a Historical Faith: Answer to John Cobb, by Whalen Lai [ download ]
  • The Power of Truth Words: Kukai's Philosophy of Language and Hermeneutical Theory, by Paul O. Ingram [ download ]
  • The New Buddhism of Kamakura and the Doctrine of Innate Enlightenment, by Ruben L. F. Habito [ download ]


  • Rennyo's Legacy: The Letters as Scripture, by Minor L. Rogers and Ann T. Rogers [ download ]
  • The Hasshu-Koyo by the Scholar-Monk Gyoen (1240-1321), translated by Leo Pruden [ download ]
  • Shinzei's Discourse on Practicing the Samadhi o f Meditating on the Buddha, by Richard K. Payne [ download ]
  • Genshin's Essential of Pure Land Rebirth and the Transmission of Pure Land Buddhism to Japan. Part III. The Third Phase of Transmission: An Examination of the Populist Methods and Ideas Introduced by Genshin, by Allan A. Andrews [ download ]


  • Honzon — Object of Worship in Shin Buddhism, by Joryu Chiba [ download ]
  • Early Buddhism: A Conversation with David J. Kalupahana, by Richard K. Payne [ download ]
  • On the Occasion of Buddha Day 1990: The Future Task of Buddhism, by Masao Abe [ download ]


  • Download all reviews
  • Sakyadhita: Daughters of the Buddha, edited by Karma Lekshe Tsomo;
    Feminine Ground: Essays on Women and Tibet edited by Janice D. Willis, reviewed by Stephanie Kaza
  • Red Star Over Tibet by Dawa Norbu, reviewed by George McKinley
  • To Lhasa and Beyond: Diary of the Expedition to Tibet in the Year 1948, by Giuseppe Tucci, translated by Mario Carelli, reviewed by Edwin Bernhaum
  • The Inner Teachings of Taoism, by Chang Po-tuan, translated by Thomas Cleary, reviewed by Louis Aaron Collonge
  • The Korean Neo-Confucianism of Yi Yulgok, by Ro Young-chan, reviewed by Christian Jochim


  • In Memoriam: Minor Lee Rogers (1930-1991)