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Third Series Number 5
Fall 2003

Two Special Sections:
In Memory of Masatoshi Nagatomi, and
Japanese Buddhism in America

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Two Special Sections on "In Memory of Masatoshi Nagatomi" and
"Japanese Buddhism in America: Shared Issues, Common Concerns"

Special Section on "In Memory of Masatoshi Nagatomi

  • Masatoshi Nagatomi, In Memoriam by Richard K. PAYNE [ download ]

  • The Dead as "Personal Buddhas": Japanese Ancestral Rites as Healing Rites by Paula ARAI [ download ]

  • Kiyozawa Manshi and the Path to the Revitalization of Buddhism by Alfred BLOOM [ download ]

  • Identity in Relation: The Buddha and the Availability of Salvific Truth by John Ross CARTER [ download ]

  • Defining a Usable Past: Indian Sources for Shin Buddhist Theology by Malcolm David ECKEL [ download ]

  • The Nature of the World in Nineteenth-Century Khmer Buddhist Literature by Anne HANSEN [ download ]

  • Paradigm Change in Meditation on Selflessness in Tibetan Buddhism: The Progression from Space-Like Meditative Equipoise to Deity Yoga by Jeffrey HOPKINS [ download ]

  • The Century of the Holy Man in Chinese History (316-439): The Death of Hsuan-Kao by Whalen LAI [ download ]

  • Are Friendship Bonshō Bells Buddhist Symbols? The Case of Oak Ridge by Miriam LEVERING [ download ]

  • The Indian Roots of Pure Land Buddhism: Insights from the Oldest Chinese Versions of the Larger Sukhavativyuha by Jan NATTIER [ download ]

  • Advayavajra's Instructions on the Adikarma by Glenn WALLIS [ download ]

Special Section on "Japanese Buddhism in America: Shared Issues, Common Concerns"

  • "Japanese Buddhism in America": Reflections on the Symposium by Helen HARDACRE [ download ]

  • Aloha with Gassho: Buddhism in the Hawaiian Plantations by Tara K. KODA [ download ]

  • Complex Loyalties: Issei Buddhist Ministers during the Wartime Incarceration by Duncan Ryūken WILLIAMS [ download ]

  • Altared States: Exploring the Legacy of Japanese American Butsudan Practice by Jane Naomi IWAMURA [ download ]

  • The Voice of Sacred Texts in the Ocean of Compassion: The Case of Shin Buddhism in America by Mark T. UNNO [ download ]

Articles and Translations

  • Going beyond Tradition and Striving for the Future: Challenges and Tasks Faced by the Korean Buddhist Community in American Society by Eunsu CHO [ download ]

  • A Cybernetic Approach to Dzogchen by Randall STUDSTILL [ download ]

  • BOOK REVIEWS [ download ]

  • BDK ENGLISH TRIPITAKA SERIES: A Progress Report [ download ]