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Pacific World Journal

Third Series Number 12
Fall 2010

Special Issue:
Buddhisms in Japan

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  • “Japanese Buddhism”: Essence, Construct, or Skillful Means?
    by Gereon Kopf   [ download ]

  • Identity in Difference: Reading Nishida’s Philosophy through the Lens of Shin Buddhism
    by Daniel Friedrich   [ download ]

  • On- and Offline Representations of Japanese Buddhism: Reflections on a Multifaceted Religious Tradition
    by Elisabetta Porcu   [ download ]

  • Locally Translocal American Shin Buddhism
    by Scott A. Mitchell   [ download ]

  • Paths across Borders: Comparative Reflections on Japanese and Indo-Tibetan Models of the Buddhist Path
    by David L. Gardiner   [ download ]

  • The Dangerous Kami Called Buddha: Ancient Conflicts between Buddhism and Local Cults and Medieval Attempts at Resolution
    by Fabio Rambelli   [ download ]

  • “The Karmic Origins of the Morning-Bear Mountain”: Preliminary Research Notes on Asamayama Engi
    by Anna Andreeva   [ download ]

  • Contemplations and Imagery: Issues Relevant to Ancient Japanese Esoteric Buddhist Icons, Ritual Practice, and Cultural Contexts
    by Cynthea Bogel   [ download ]

  • Ritual of the Clear Light Mantra
    by Richard K. Payne   [ download ]

Book Review:
Wild Geese: Buddhism in Canada, edited by John S. Harding, Victor Sōgen Hori, and Alexander Soucy
  — Reviewed by Brooke Schedneck


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