Core Faculty

Rev. Daijaku Judith Kinst, Buddhism and Psychology

Rev. David Matsumoto, Contemporary Shin Buddhist Studies

Scott A. Mitchell, Buddhism in the West, Buddhist Modernity, Pure Land Buddhism

Richard K. Payne, Japanese Buddhist Studies, ritual studies

Rev. Seigen Haruo Yamaoka, Shin Buddhist Thought, Buddhist Ministry

Research Fellows

Research Fellows have an ongoing relationship with the Institute, provide additional scholarly expertise, and are able to serve on thesis committees.

Steven Barrie-Anthony, Director and Principal Investigator, Public Theologies of Technology and Presence

Gil Fronsdal, Buddhist Chaplaincy Training Program, Theravada Buddhist Studies

Natalie Quli, South Asian Buddhism

Adjunct Faculty

Galen Amstutz, Shin Buddhist Tradition

Paula Arai, Zen Buddhism, Buddhism and Women

Gordon Bermant, Buddhism and Psychology

Harry Bridge, Buddhist Ritual and Liturgy

Bruno Galasek-Hul, Buddhism, Indology

Diana Clark, Theravada Buddhism

Lisa Grumbach, Buddhist Studies and Japanese Religion

Laura Harrington, Vajrayana and Tantric Studies

Kiyonobu Kuwahara, Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Studies

Taigen Leighton, Zen Buddhism

Charlie Pokorny, Buddhist Philosophy

Bhante Seelawimala, South Asian Buddhism

Bruce Williams, Chinese Buddhism