Degree and Certificate Program Students

Degree and certificate program students (sometimes referred to as regular students) have completed an application form and have been accepted into a specific degree or certificate program. Please review program overviews and admissions requirements for more details on how to enroll as a regular degree or certificate student.

Non-Degree Students

Special Student

Students who do not wish to matriculate in a degree or certificate program may apply for status as a special student.

Special student status is either: (1) for students preparing to enroll at IBS as a degree program student, in which case the status is normally maintained for no more than one academic year; or (2) for students wishing to take classes for credit to transfer to another institution. Special students are expected to be able to work at the graduate level, and are required to fulfill all academic work expected of other students in the class(es) they take. They receive most privileges accorded to degree program students, with the exception of academic advising  and library privileges at GTU and UCB. The same tuition and registration fees, policies and procedures apply to Special Students as apply to degree program students.

click here for: IBS Special Student Application


Some courses are open to enrollment by auditors. No grade is given to the auditor, nor is any record of attendance maintained by the Institute. Transcripts are not available for audited classes. Auditor status does not include library privileges or academic advising. Permission to audit a course is always at the discretion of the instructor. Whereas auditors can expect to work at the graduate level, attend all class sessions, and participate in discussion, the instructor’s first priority will always be to regular students. The auditor shall not expect to receive any guidance, feedback, or advising from the instructor.

click here for: IBS Reg Form AY18.19 special students and auditors

Please contact the IBS Registrar’s Office for more information on our enrollment options and procedures.