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Course Listings for Fall 2012

HRPS 3016 : Psychological Aspects of Buddhism II 

Instructor(s): Kinst Units: 3.0
Time: Thursday 9:40AM - 12:30PMCourse Level: Intermediate
Classroom: IBS/JSC Room 130

Dialogues with Contemporary Western Psychology: This course will explore the interface of traditional Buddhist teachings on the nature of human experience and contemporary Western psychological thoughts and practices. Fundamental of Abhidharma, Yogacara and Madhyamaka teaching will be covered. Writings by contemporary authors will be used to clarify points of contact, divergence, misunderstanding and natural benefit. No prerequisites or previous experience nor Buddhist practice are required. Course format: Seminar, lecture/discussion, practices presented. Evaluation: Weekly papers (1-2 pages), final paper (8 - 10 pages) or class presentation.

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