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Fall 2014 General Registration: 8/18/14-8/29/14
Spring 2015 Early Registration: 11/10/14-11/21/14

While the IBS offers a set of classes each semester, there are instances in which a class may be cancelled due to low enrollment. If there are enough students to warrant, and the instructor is willing, such a class may be converted from a regular class format to a directed studies format, with fewer meetings over the course of a semester.

Course Listings for Spring 2013

HRPH 8454 : Works of Shinran II 

Instructor(s): Matsumoto Units: 3.0
This is an Online CourseCourse Level: Advanced
Our online courses are co-sponsored by the Starr King School for the Ministry

This online course is an introduction to the teachings of Shinran through a study of his major treatise. Course will focus on the doctrinal content of the text, making use of the English translation. HRPH 1614 Introduction to Shin Buddhist Thought, and at least one year of college level Japanese language study (minimal level: ability to use character dictionary), or instructor's permission is prerequisite to enrollment. Course is required for ministerial aspirants. Fulfills the Area Distribution Requirement for Area I.