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Course Listings for Spring 2013

HRPH 8455 : Topics in Buddhist Thought: Japanese Buddhism Through Personal Perspective 

Instructor(s): Grumbach Units: 3.0
This is an Online CourseCourse Level: Advanced
Our online courses are co-sponsored by the Starr King School for the Ministry

This course introduces Buddhism in Japan by focusing on the personal writings (in translation) of a limited number of figures in various time periods. Through these personal perspectives, the major aspects of Buddhism will be explored, from the advent of Buddhism to Japan, through the great changes in doctrine and practice of the medieval period, and the profound transformation of Japanese Buddhism in the Meiji period. Lecture and discussion will be held online in real time using a voice/video application (such as Skype). Please contact the instructor as soon as possible for details. Evaluation: Participation/Term paper. Intended audience: MA/MTS.* Note: this course will conduct online video meetings from 6:30-9:30 p.m. once a week on a day TBD (other than Monday.) Auditors with faculty permission.

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