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Course Listings for Spring 2013

HR 5160 : Topics in Buddhist Pastoral Care : Buddhist Perspectives on Grief and Loss 

Instructor(s): Kinst , Block Units: 3.0
Time: Thursday 9:40AM - 12:30PMCourse Level: Advanced
Classroom: IBS/JSC Room 130

Buddhist teachings on grief, loss and how we negotiate them are an important element of Buddhist pastoral care and have much to contribute to effective pastoral care in a wide range of settings. Particular focus in this class will be given to Buddhist understandings of the process of grief and loss, the healing and transformation that is possible, and the practices that facilitate them. Relevant material from psychological and counseling literature will be included as well as pastoral methods and principles for working with groups as well as individuals. Previous study of Buddhism is helpful but not essential. Seminar/lecture/discussion and skills practice. Evaluation: Class participation, 3 short reflection papers and final paper developing a relevant aspect of class material. Maximum 18 students.

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