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Fall 2014 General Registration: 8/18/14-8/29/14
Spring 2015 Early Registration: 11/10/14-11/21/14

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HRCE 3002 : Buddhist Ethics 

Instructor(s): Seelawimala Units: 3.0
Time: Tuesday 2:10PM - 5:00PMCourse Level: Intermediate
Classroom: JSC 130

Ethical knowledge and ethical conduct of the members of a society is an essential part of a harmonious and healthy society. One third of the systematic blue print of Buddhist practice is dedicated to the discussion of ethics. In Buddhism ethics is not discussed as a part of a religious practice; it is simply a tool for one to live an error free emotionally healthy life, regardless of one’s religious beliefs. A person’s knowledge and ethical skills are directly related to his or her level of understanding of human behavior and the knowledge of inter relatedness of oneself and the external world. Brief presenta-tion on an assigned subject and a research paper of 12-15 pages are expected. Intended for MDiv, MA and MTS students.

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