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Fall 2014 General Registration: 8/18/14-8/29/14
Spring 2015 Early Registration: 11/10/14-11/21/14

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HR 8146 : Buddhist Japanese II 

Instructor(s): Kurioka Units: 3.0
This is an Online CourseCourse Level: Introductory
Our online courses are co-sponsored by the Starr King School for the Ministry

This course is a bridge from introductory level to Intermediate level Japanese; continuing to cover basic Japanese grammar, and introducing to intermediate level Japanese grammar. Students learn relational particles in depth and idioms that will help the student understand Buddhist texts. Students will acquire more Buddhist terminology and kanji. During the course, students will read 1- 2 paragraphs length selections (the level of difficulty is adjusted to this course) from modern Japanese publications on Buddhism. Course format: Lecture/ online. Evaluation method: Participation/ Homework Assignments/ 2 Exams/ 1 Essay.

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