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Fall 2014 General Registration: 8/18/14-8/29/14
Spring 2015 Early Registration: 11/10/14-11/21/14

While the IBS offers a set of classes each semester, there are instances in which a class may be cancelled due to low enrollment. If there are enough students to warrant, and the instructor is willing, such a class may be converted from a regular class format to a directed studies format, with fewer meetings over the course of a semester.

Course Listings for Spring 2014

HRPS 8320 : Psychological Aspects of Buddhism I: Foundations in Buddhist Psychological Thought  

Instructor(s): Bermant Units: 3.0
This is an Online CourseCourse Level: Intermediate
Our online courses are co-sponsored by the Starr King School for the Ministry

This course strives for a constructive balance between traditional Buddhist psychologies as they evolved over the centuries, and Psychology in its current empiricist, physicalist form in the U.S. Topics of particular importance in the Buddhist traditions are the unique association of psychology and cosmology, the problem of “what endures” and how it has been resolved in different ways, the connection between consciousness and salvation, the connection between informal and formal teachings (related to the distinction between oral and written traditions), barriers to awareness and methods to dissolve them, and the nature of causality. Each of these topics finds its parallels, resonances, or denials in modern American psychology. The developments of Buddhist psychology found in Yogacara, Tathagatagarbha, Madhyamaka, and subsequent traditions are considered. As an online course, we proceed with regular online discussions based on the readings.

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