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Fall 2014 General Registration: 8/18/14-8/29/14
Spring 2015 Early Registration: 11/10/14-11/21/14

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HRPH 3242 : Buddhist Traditions of East Asia: Tiantai in East Asia 

Instructor(s): Williams Units: 3.0
Time: Friday 9:40AM - 12:30PMCourse Level: Intermediate
Classroom: JSC 130

We will discuss the history, debates, and spiritual practices of the Tiantai tradition in East Asia as well as how this tradition developed its distinctive discourse and identity. Since it was the first Buddhist tradition in East Asia to develop overarching ritual, meditative, and doctrinal systems, it has had a significant impact on almost all other forms of East Asian Buddhism, including Zen and Pure Land. It, in fact, provides one of the best vantage points from which to view the formative history and development of these other Buddhist traditions in China, Korea, and Japan. We will not only look at Tiantai’s distinctive ritual, meditative, and doctrinal syntheses, but also examine some of the rhetorical strategies that they (and their critics) utilized to present the Tiantai tradition over time. This course may be of interest to those who wish to learn (more) about Buddhism in East Asia as well as to those interested in comparative religious traditions.
Course format: Lecture/seminar with reflection paper, book review, and final paper. Auditors with Faculty Permission

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