This online course consists of extensive reading of selected discourses of the Buddha from the Middle Length Discourses, one of the most important collections of teachings from early Buddhism. Readings will be organized around themes found in the collection including the nature of the Buddha and the path of practice he taught, karma, sensuality and renunciation, the practice of mindfulness and concentration, Buddhist conceptions of wisdom and spiritual liberation. Written lectures and study guides will be provided to support a careful reading of each of the assigned discourses. Prof. Fronsdal will lead online question and discussion opportunities and will evaluate the assignments. Evaluation will be based on forum entries and responses, a 10 page mid-term analytical essay, and a 15-20page final research paper. The course is intended for M.A., M.Div., and M.B.S. students.

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HR 8160 : Readings in Early Buddhist Texts: Middle Length Discourses