Topics in Buddhist Thought: Women, Family, Dharma

This course challenges several generalized notions about Buddhism (e.g., that it is largely male, monastic, and requires the practice of individual meditation) by examining the roles women have played in the development and spread of Buddhism and by looking at the family as the locus of practice. Women in the history of Buddhism will be the primary focus of the course, but we will also examine issues relating to men (as sons, husbands, fathers) and children. Topics will include women’s roles in the formation and continued success of Buddhism; the relationships of nuns/monks to their families; the role of marriage in Buddhist “monasticism”; gender symbolism; and practice within the family. Lecture and discussion will be held online in real time using a voice/video application (such as Skype). Please contact the instructor as soon as possible for details. Format: Online voice lecture/ discussion/term paper.

Prerequisites: Assumes some knowledge of Buddhism

Evaluation method: Participation/Term paper.

Auditors with Faculty Permission

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HRPH-8455 Topics in Buddhist Thought