Psychological Aspects of Buddhism II: Dialogues with Contemporary Western Psychology

This course will explore the interface of traditional Buddhist and contemporary Western psychological perspectives on the nature of human experience, the self, suffering and how it is addressed, as well as the relationship of self and other. Fundamental Buddhist teachings, including Abhidharma, Yogacara and Madhyamaka teachings, will be covered and writings of contemporary authors will be used to clarify points of contact, divergence, misunderstanding and mutual benefit.

Course format: Seminar, lecture/discussion.

Evaluation: 1) Class participation 2) Weekly one-page reflection paper  3) Participation in, and 3-page paper on, listening exercise, (two, 45-minute sessions scheduled outside of class time) 4) Final 10-15 page paper.

Auditors with Faculty Permission

HRPS-3016 Psychological Aspects Of Buddhism II