PSHR-3013 Buddhist Chaplaincy:

The practice of Buddhist chaplaincy demands the development of compassion and non-judgemental mind, and at the same time offers intense opportunities to develop these qualities. Chaplains serve in variety of settings in which people are under stress of one kind or another, including hospitals and hospices, prisons and jails, and military. This two-semester sequence of training is offered by the Sati Center (Redwood City, CA) in affiliation with IBS. Over the course of ten months, through discussion, readings, meditation, and internship, the student will not only learn about chaplaincy, but begin to develop the necessary skills and understandings for compassionate service to others who are in need, whether they are Buddhists or not. Course limited to IBS students.  Both semesters must be completed for credit to be awarded.  NOTE: To be accepted in the course, a separate application must be submitted directly to the Sati Center with a $50 application fee.  Student will be interviewed, and if accepted, will pay a separate tuition of $1650 to the Sati Center.  Tuition cost is based on Academic Year 2013/14, and is subject to change.

Interview Required; PIN Required; Faculty Permission Required

Auditors Excluded


PSHR-3013 Buddhist Chaplaincy