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Buddhism and Contemporary Psychology Certificate Program

Course offerings and program requirements

The program requires eight classes, the equivalent of a year of graduate level study, plus additional half-day clinical training sessions each semester that the student is enrolled in the program. The eight courses include:

  1. Aspects of Buddhist Psychology, I: Indian Foundations
  2. Aspects of Buddhist Psychology, II: Encounter with Western Psychologies
  3. Buddhist Traditions of South Asia
  4. Buddhist Traditions of East Asia
  5. Readings: select one from
    • Readings in Theravada Buddhist Literature
    • Readings in Mahayana Buddhist Literature
    • Readings in Vajrayana Buddhist Literature
  6. Buddhist Practice
    select one course from Theravada, Zen, Tibetan meditative practice (other than the practice that one already has primary experience with)
  7. Buddhist Pastoral Counseling
  8. elective

The program includes a mix of courses, some offered on-site in Berkeley, and some online. Online courses are available whether one is enrolled in the program or not, and completion of program requirements will necessitate completing both kinds of courses. View a list of our current online courses.

The program does not provide psychotherapeutic training, but is instead complementary to that training. Admission to the program, therefore, will require demonstration that one is already either a licensed psychologist, social worker, marriage and family therapist, pastoral counselor, or other professional; or Buddhist ministers with substantial counseling training; or a clinician who has completed the MA or PhD, and is currently completing hours for licensure.