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The Institute of Buddhist Studies would like to thank all the panelists, participants, and guests who made the 2010 Buddhism Without Borders Conference such a wonderful success!

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Buddhism without Borders: Contemporary Developments of Buddhism in the West

at the Institute of Buddhist Studies
Berkeley, California
March 18 - 21, 2010

Saturday Film Screening: Double Feature

Saturday evening from 6:30 we will be presenting two short documentaries featuring North American Buddhist rituals and events. All conference attendees are invited to attend the screening, followed by a short discussion with one of the filmmakers.

movie poster for the trap la trappe

The Trap/La Trappe

Written and directed by Lina Verchery

In a Cape Breton Island village, Buddhist monks and nuns meditate in their abbey while Acadian fishermen put out to sea to haul in their lobster traps. These two communities seemingly divided by language, culture and religion have more in common than meets the eye. The film delicately weaves a connection between two groups who each in their own way regard life as a cycle. The underlying theme is that of mutual respect and tolerance.

The Wheels of Dharma: the 2009 Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage

Written and directed by Ramesh Srinivas Narasimhan

This documentary presents the 8th annual Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage in California, a 2-day, 137-mile bicycle pilgrimage from the Spirit Rock Meditation Center to the Abhayagiri Monastery in Mendocino County, stopping at two other Buddhist centers in Northern California.  This year 99 riders and 30 volunteers took part in the journey, which was characterized by intense heat (up to 110 degrees in some parts) and the immense spirit of dana.  The Pilgrimage is put on by the non-profit organization Dharma Wheels and is offered on a dana-only basis through the efforts of volunteers and donations. This 30-minute film documents the pilgrimage through the eyes of a first-time pilgrim, highlighting the teachings, important Buddhist sites, and amazing people who made this ride a unique and contemporary spiritual adventure.