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Red Book Dialogues

An Institute of Buddhist Studies and C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco Event

Jung Red Book

Enter into an exploration of C.G. Jung’s personal transformation as recorded in the Red Book and viewed from Buddhist perspectives.

C.G. Jung’s Red Book, published forty-eight years after his death, fleshes out with voice and vision a radical midlife recognition: that we can gain a relation to the forces that live inside us by directly engaging with them. Through seventeen years of self-experimentation and reflection, Jung discovered something of what can be revealed through a humble and receptive attitude toward the mystery of the human interior. The authenticity of his process invites us all into a dialogue around the meaning of this inner journey.

To learn what the Red Book may mean to us know, the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, together with the Institute of Buddhist Studies in Berkeley, is hosting a set of “Red Book Dialogue” between Jungian Analysts and leading teachers, writers, and artists. These conversations, bringing together people who have challenged themselves to engage with their own depths, are designed to appeal to people both in and out of the psychological professions. In this way, the meaning of Jung’s journey can come to life in each of us.

To register for the dialogues, or to learn more about the series or the C.G. Jung Institute, please click here.

Two dialogues are scheduled:

Zoketsu Norman Fischer, San Francisco Zen Center

In dialogue with Richard Stein, Jungian analyst

7:30 pm., Friday, 22 October at the Institute of Buddhist Studies, Jodo Shinshu Center, Berkeley

Jack Kornfield, Spirit Rock Meditation Center

In dialogue with Dyane Sherwood, Jungian analyst

7:30 pm., Friday, 12 November at the Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco

Both events are co-sponsored by the Institute of Buddhist Studies and the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, and are fundraisers for the C.G. Jung Insitute of San Francisco. A $25 donation ($10/students) is requested.