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First International Conference on
Other-Centered Approaches:
New Directions in Buddhist Psychology

at the Jodo Shinshu Center
Berkeley, California
February 18 - 20, 2011

True wisdom means the freedom from self-centeredness, for self-centeredness distorts reality.
— D.T. Suzuki

Western psychology has long been dominated by the notion of self: self-esteem, self-entitlement, self-gratification, self-awareness, and self-knowledge. Yet our spiritual and psychological well-being is not measured by self-concern, but by a directional shift of attention which involves understanding, appreciation, and compassion for others.

This ground-breaking conference, rooted in Buddhist psychology, will present other-centered approaches, which offer fresh, new tools to address challenges in the field of mental health, education, religion, human relations, chaplaincy, and more.

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Explore Other-Centeredness
Resources for Personal Renewal and Professional Innovation.

In counseling settings
Other-centered approaches draw on a number of therapeutic, social and educational methods. It can involve mindful connection with others, deepening our appreciation of the physical and human world. It encourages clients and practitioners to develop empathy for others in their lives and awareness of those who provide for our daily needs.

Interacting with each other and the world
Other-centered approaches can help us to strengthen our relationships with loved ones and to understand the position of those with whom we have difficulties. It can increase our connection with and sensitivity towards the environment, and draw us into fresh encounters with day to day experiences.

Other-centered approaches are grounded in Buddhist psychology
They help individuals and society to benefit from expanding their horizons beyond the limits of habitual ways of being and perceiving. Looking beyond self-structures, we learn that more possibilities exist in life than we ever thought possible.

Presented by:
The Institute of Buddhist Studies, CA
Amida Trust UK
Amida USA
ToDo Institute, VT
Buddhist Churches of America and the Center for Buddhist Education