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2012 Graduation Commencement Ceremony

May 18, 2012
10:00 amto1:00 pm

Help us celebrate our students and our community by attending the commencement ceremony for our 2010 graduates. The ceremony will be held in the Kodo of the Jodo Shinshu Center at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, May 18th. A light reception will follow.

The ceremony’s keynote address will be delivered by Prof. Franz Metcalf, a teacher at the California State University, Los Angeles, and author of numerous books applying Buddhist teachings to our everyday lives, including Just Add Buddha and Buddha in Your Backpack.

Franz Metcalf

Prof. Metcalf’s talk, generously sponsored by the Numata Foundation is titled “Our Buddhadharma, Our Buddhist Dharma.” This address explores our evolving Buddhist dharma in two senses. That is, it tries to begin clarifying dharma in the sense of (a) what the Buddhadharma, as teaching, is; and (b) what our dharma, as duty, is toward that Buddhadharma. While the former is a bottomless pit of circularity into which scholars may sink their careers, and the latter is a deepening chasm of responsibilities into which practitioners may throw their lives,  the sinking and the throwing need doing. Treading (and thereby perhaps obliterating) one line between scholarship and practice, this address attempts to trace a path on which scholars and graduates may walk together, down into the darkness.

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