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Programs of the CCSBS

BCA Centennial Lecture Series

Sponsored by the BCA Centennial Committee, Yehan Numata Endowment Fund and the BCA Ministers Association and the IBS Center, the series has consisted of two successful events

a. Toward a Contemporary Understanding of Pure Land Buddhism: Constructing a Shin Buddhist Theology in a Religiously Plural World," a symposium held on September 13, 14 & 15,1996. Prominent theologians and scholars of Buddhism and comparative religion, as well as ministers of the BCA were joined by an audience of over ninety persons during a three day investigation at IBS of a contemporary American understanding of the Shin Buddhist path.

b. Two public lectures by Professor Jitsuen Kakehashi on the topic of "The Life and Thought of Rennyo Shonin." Nearly 400 members of the BCA community enjoyed the opportunity to learn about Rennyo Shonin, whose 500th year memorial service will be observed in 1998, from one of the foremost present-day Jodo Shinshu scholars on Sept. 26, 1997 at the Mountain View Buddhist Temple and Sept. 28, 1997 at the Gardena Buddhist Temple.

c. Two public lectures by Professor Akira Omine in August, 1998 on the topic of "Jodo Shinshu in the 21st Century."

In August 1998, the Institute of Buddhist Studies and Buddhist Churches of America hosted a seminar and public lecture by Professor Akira Omine, a leading Japanese scholar in the field of religious philosophy.

Professor Omine's seminar and lectures were given in Japanese. English translations of both presentations are now available online.

"Religion and Language: The Soteriological Significance of Religious Language."

"Jodo Shinshu in the 21st Century: A Return to the Starting Point of Religion."

d. Public lectures by Professor Kakehashi
Prof. Jitsuen Kakehashi conducted a seminar for ministers on August 26, 1999 at the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple. The topic of his lecture was A Contemporary View of the Anjin Rondai. This event was co-sponsored by the IBS Center and the BCAMA Research and Propagation Program.

e. Public lectures by Professor Shigaraki
Prof. Takamaro Shigaraki, former president of Ryukoku University visited IBS and BCA as the 1999 Numata lecturer. He conducted three lectures at IBS on the topic of Shinjin in Shinran's Thought. Prof. Shigaraki also conducted two seminars for BCA ministers, and public lectures on Sept. 10 at the Mountain View Buddhist Temple and Sept. 16 at the Orange County Buddhist Temple. All of the ministers' seminars and public lectures will be held in cooperation with the BCAMA Research and Propagation Program.

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Other IBS Lectures

The Center provided English translation, prepared all materials, and made all other arrangements for the following lectures.

a. March, 1996 Ryukoku Seminar. Prof. Myosei Tatsuguchi lectured on Pure Land thought in Heian Buddhism.

b. March, 1997 Ryukoku Seminar. Prof. Tomoyasu Hayashi lectured on the doctrine of Rennyo Shonin.

c. Sept., 1997 Numata Lecture Series. Prof. Jitsuen Kakehashi conducted four lectures on The Life and Thought of Rennyo

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Public Lectures

Bhante Madawala Seelawimala and David Matsumoto conducted public lectures/workshops on the topic of Buddhist Practice: How? What? Why?. The dates and locations of the sessions were: Nov. 1San Jose Betsuin, Nov. 4Sacramento Betsuin, and Nov. 13 San Mateo Buddhist Temple. Over 150 persons attended the three sessions, which were free and open to the public.

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Continuing Education for Ministers

a. The 1997 Ryukoku Lecturer, Professor Tomoyasu Hayashi, conducted seminars for ministers at the Stockton Buddhist Temple, Los Angeles Betsuin and San Jose Betsuin. The topic of the seminars was "Propagation in Jodo Shinshu."

b. The Center sponsored a special workshop with Professor Kakehashi for ministers on September 29, 1997 at the Los Angeles Betsuin.

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Ministerial Students' Research-exchange Seminar

The Center is working with the BCA Ministerial Candidate Affairs Committee and BCA Ministers Association Research and Propagation Program to plan a student study tour in Japan during June 618, 1998. This seminar, which involved current and potential IBS students, was offered in conjunction with an IBS course on Rennyo Shonin which were offered during the summer of 1998. Students will have an opportunity to study Shin Buddhist history, thought and traditions from a number of professor from Ryukoku University.

Ryukoku University Omiya Campus
Ryukoku University, Omiya Campus, Kyoto, Japan

To see the report of the 1998 BCA/IBS Ministerial Students' Research-Exchange Seminar click here

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IBS Extension Class

The first IBS Extension Class, "An Introduction to Shin Buddhist Thought," which presented a systematic examination of some of the fundamental features of Shin Buddhist (Jodo Shinshu) thought, was offered on Tuesday evenings from 7:00-9:00 PM, from February 3 to May 19, 1998 at the Orange County Buddhist Church. The instructors for the course were Rev. Masao Kodani, Rev. Marvin Harada, and Rev. John Iwohara. The IBS Center coordinated the administration of the course.

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