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Ryukoku Lecture Series

Featuring a visiting professor from Ryukoku University, Kyoto, Japan, these lectures focus on different topics related to Japanese Buddhism each year. Usually offered in the spring semester. For upcoming and past lectures, see our News and Events blog.

Many of these lectures have been added to our Podcast

Recent Ryukoku Lectures

  • “The Hongwanji: Institutional and Doctrinal Developments in the Tokugawa Era” by Prof. Atsushi Hirata. Spring 2011.
  • “Shinran’s Phenomenology of Religious Life: Toward a Rethinking of Shinjin” by Prof. Dennis Hirota. Spring 2010.
  • “The Dialectic of the Three Vows as an expression of Shinran’s religious experience” by Prof. Takanori Sugioka . Spring 2009.
  • “Emanicipation of Evil Beings: Shinran’s Reflection on Human Beings” by Prof. Naoki Nabeshima. Spring 2003.
  • “Pure Land Buddhism in Central Asia” by Professor Yoshiyasu Kudara. Spring 2002.
  • “Japanese Pure Land Buddhist Views of Dharma Linage” by Professor Taishin Kawasoe, Spring 2001.
  • “Tendai Buddhism and Pure Land Thought” by Professor Masahiro Asada. Spring 2000.
  • “Shinran’s Vision of the Primal Vow: Jodo Shinshu’s Approach to Pure Land Faith” by Prof. Gyoyu Yamada. Spring 1999.
  • “The Contemplation Sutra and Buddhism of Central Asia” by Prof. Meiji Yamada. Spring 1998
  • “The Teachings of Rennyo Shonin” by Prof. Tomoyasu Hayashi. Spring 1997.
  • “Pure Land Thought in Heian Buddhism” by Prof. Myosei Tatsuguchi. Spring 1996.