Originally intended as a Festschrift for Roger Corless, his unfortunately early death meant that it now stands as a memorial volume instead.

Foreword, Arthur Holder
Preface: Appreciating Roger, Gordon Bermant

Vajrasattva Meditation: Healing through Crosscultural Perspectives, Harvey Aronson
A Tang Esoteric Manual for Rebirth in the Pure Land: Rites for Contemplation of and Offerings to Amitāyus Tathāgata, Charles Orzech
Shinran’s Secret Transmission to Nyoshin: The Hōri hachiman chō, James Sanford
American Jōdo Shinshū Practice: A Fork in the Road, Gordon Bermant

Yuan Hongdao and the Xifang helun: Pure Land Theology in the Late Ming Dynasty, Charles B. Jones
Spiritual Kinship and Lineage in Major Buddhist Traditions, Charles Prebish
How Not to Talk about Pure Land Buddhism: A Critique of Huston Smith’s (Mis)Representations, Richard K. Payne

The Supremacy of Amida’s Vows in Rennyo: The Case of Women, Alfred Bloom
Shinran’s Pure Land Buddhism as a Way of Being Religious: Some Twenty-first-century tasks for Shin Buddhist Theology, Ruben L. F. Habito
Amida and Pure Land within a Contemporary Worldview: From Shinran’s Literal Symbolism to Figurative Symbolism, Kenneth K. Tanaka

available from University of Hawai’i Press

Contemporary Issues in Buddhist Studies Series

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