This collection of articles from Pacific World: Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies was compiled to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the Numata Endowment at the IBS.


Historical Studies
Pure Land Systematics in India: The Buddhabhūmi-sūtra and the Trikāya Doctrine, John P. Keenan
Avadāna-vāda and the Pure Land Faith, Whalen Lai
The Chan Zong in Medieval China: School, Lineage, or What?, T. Griffith Foulk
The Transformation of the Pure Land in the Development of Lay Buddhist Practice in China, Katherine Velasco
Where is the Pure land? Controversy in Chinese Buddhism on the Nature of the Pure Land, Kenneth K. Tanaka
Activity of the Aya and Hata in he Domain of the Sacred, Bruno Lewin, tr. Richard K. Payne
Genshin’s Essentials of Pure Land Rebirth and the Transmission of Pure Land Buddhism to Japan, Allan A. Andrews
The Conception of the Japanese Kami in the Kamakura Era: Notes on the First Chapter of the Shasekishū, Hartmut O. Rotermund
The New Buddhism of Kamakura and the Doctrine of Innate Enlightenment, Ruben L.F. Habito

Textual Studies
Earliest Usage of “Dajing” (Daikyō) and “Wangshenlun” (Ōjōron) by a Non-Orthodox Pure Land Buddhist: Its Implication for Chinese Pure Land Buddhism, Kenneth K. Tanaka
Shinzei’s Discourse on Practicing the Samādhi of Meditating on the Buddha, Richard K. Payne
Rennyo’s Legacy: The Letters as Scripture, Minor L. Rogers and Ann T. Rogers

Interpretive Studies
The Brilliance of Emptiness: Tanluan as a Mystic of Light, Roger J. Corless
Honzon—Object of Worship in Shin Buddhism, Jōryu Chiba
Shin Buddhist Studies and Secularization, Mitsuya Dake
The Theme of Subjectivity in Kiyozawa Manshi’s Seishinshugi, Gilbert L. Johnston
The Buddhist Churches of America: Challenges for Change in the Twenty-first Century, Tetsuden Kashima

available from University of Hawai’i Press

Contemporary Issues in Buddhist Studies Series