Leslie S. Kawamura spent his life wading into the stream of wisdom. As a professor of Buddhist Studies at the University of Calgary and as an important figure in the early establishment of the AAR Buddhist Studies Group, he contributed great lyto the development of students and to the field of Buddhist studies. Leslie was a renowned scholar of Yogācāra Buddhism, and he had an integral role in the development of Buddhist studies in North America. This collection, honoring Leslie’s life and love of learning, features essays by seventeen friends and colleagues: Martin T. Adam, Wing-cheuk Chan, Andreas Doctor, Michael Hahn,Sarah F. Haynes, John Clifford Holt, Dan Lusthaus, Eva K. Neumaier, Richard K.Payne, Charles S. Prebish, Fa Qing, Naoki Saito, Michelle J. Sorensen, Tom J.F. Tillemans, Leonard W. J. van der Kuijp, Charles Willemen, Paul Williams.Each one of these essays is in dialogue with one of Leslie’s many interests in Buddhism and we hope they will continue to stimulate conversations in the field.

Introduction by Sarah F. Haynes and Michelle Sorensen, eds.

Part One:Ethics

Can We Kill Illusory People? Some Philosophical Reflections on Bodhi[sattva]caryāvatāra 9:11–13ab by Paul Williams

The Consequences of Consequentialism: Reflections on Recent Developments in the Study of Buddhist Ethics by Martin T. Adam

Toward a Mahāyāna Phenomenology: Heidegger and Levinas by Wing-cheuk Chan

Part Two:Text Criticism

Ngag-dbang tshe-ring: An Eighteenth-century Yogi from Zanskar by Eva K. Neumaier

Lü Cheng’s Chinese Translation of the Tibetan Version of Dignāga’s Ālambana-parīkṣā-vṛtti: An English Translation by Dan Lusthaus

Mahāmudrā Chöd? Rangjung Dorjé’s Commentary on The Great Speech Chapter of Machik Labdrön by Michelle Sorensen

A Note on Manorathanandin’s Pramāṇavārttikavṛtti in Tibet by Leonard W. J. van der Kuijp

Pseudo-Nāgārjuna’s Sermon about Giving (Dānaparikathā) by Michael Hahn and Naoki Saito

EarlyYogācāra and Visualization (Bhāvanā) by Charles Willemen

Part Three: History

Cooking theBuddhist Books: Implications of the New Dating of theBuddha for the History of Early Indian Buddhism byCharles S. Prebish

Peaceful andWrathful Manifestations: The Development of Sarasvatīfrom India to East Asia to Tibet by Sarah F. Haynes

TheBodhisattva Doctrine in Sinhala Theravāda Buddhist Traditions of Sri Lanka by John Clifford Holt

Part Four: Praxis

Beneath theWaves: Conceiving the Unconsciousby Richard K. Payne

The “Round”Doctrine of Tiantai and its Significance forModern Times by Fa Qing

MeditationRevisited by Andreas Doctor and Tom J. F. Tillemans