Pacific World: Third Series, Number 20 (2018)

The Process of Establishing and Justifying the Thirteen Patriarchs of the Lotus School
Chen Chienhuang 陳劍鍠, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Charles B. Jones, trans., Catholic University of America (download pdf)

Special Section: Recent Research on Tantric Buddhism

Richard K. Payne (download pdf)

Study of Buddhist Tantra: An Impressionistic Overview
Richard K. Payne, Institute of Buddhist Studies (download pdf)

Wish-Fulfilling Spells and Talismans, Efficacious Resonance, and Trilingual Spell Books: The Mahāpratisarā–Dhāraṇī in Chosŏn Buddhism
Richard D. McBride, II, Brigham Young University (download pdf)

Replanting the Bodhi Tree: Buddhist Sectarianism and Zhenyan Revivalism
Cody Bahir, University of California, Berkeley (download pdf)

The Rule of Marginality: Hypothesizing the Transmission of the Mengshan Rite for Feeding Hungry Ghosts in Late Imperial China
Jiang Wu, University of Arizona (download pdf)

Stūpa to Maṇḍala: Tracing a Buddhist Architectural Development from Kesariya to Borobudur to Tabo
Swati Chemburkar, Jnanapravaha, Mumbai (download pdf)