HRPS 8322 : Psychological Aspects of Buddhism III

This course presents a balanced view of Buddhist psychologies as they evolved over the centuries, and Psychology, in its several forms, in the Anglophone literature. Topics of particular importance in the Buddhist traditions are the unique relationship between psychology and

HRPH 4567 : Works of Shinran II

The course is an examination of the major work of Shinran (1173-1262), the True Teaching, Practice and Realization of the Pure Land Way. It is a study of the first three chapters of the work in English translation, with frequent

HR 1596 : Intro to Theravada Buddhist Traditions

Download Syllabus This course will survey the traditions of Buddhism commonly referred to as Theravada, with reference to their doctrine, development, and concrete localizations throughout South and Southeast Asia, as well as the contemporary West. We will also interrogate the

HR 1550 : Life and Teachings of the Buddha

This course is being co-taught by Diana Clark. Download Syllabus This course will study analyze the early sources on the Buddha’s life. We will investigate how these sources contribute to our understanding of the Buddha as a person, a teacher,

HRHS 1518 : Buddhist Traditions of East Asia

Introduces the Buddhist traditions transmitted to East Asia and the development of new traditions. Second half of the required year-long introductory survey of the entire Buddhist tradition. Format: Seminar/lecture. Evaluation method: Participation/term paper. Download the syllabus.

MA 5020 : Exchange Study Program

For study at the IBS affiliate, Ryukoku University, in Kyoto, Japan, or at Dharma Drum Buddhist College in New Taipei, Taiwan. Open to IBS and GTU students only. In order for exchange programs to be recorded on the permanent academic

PSHR 3013 : Buddhist Chaplaincy

The practice of Buddhist chaplaincy demands the development of compassion and non-judgemental mind, and at the same time offers intense opportunities to develop these qualities. Chaplains serve in variety of settings in which people are under stress of one kind

HRPH 2850 : Buddhism in the West

This course surveys the history of Buddhist traditions in the West. Beginning with 19th century colonial contact and Asian immigration through 21st century global exchange, we will explore the various ways that Buddhists, Buddhist communities, and Buddhist ideas have come