MA-5020 Exchange Study Program

For study at the IBS affiliate, Ryukoku University, in Kyoto, Japan, or at Dharma Drum Buddhist College in New Taipei, Taiwan. Open to IBS and GTU students only. In order for exchange programs to be recorded on the permanent academic

PSHR-3013 Buddhist Chaplaincy

The practice of Buddhist chaplaincy demands the development of compassion and non-judgmental mind, and at the same time offers intense opportunities to develop these qualities. Chaplains serve in variety of settings in which people are under stress of one kind

HR-1596 Intro to the Study of Theravada Buddhist Traditions

This course will survey the traditions of Buddhism commonly referred to as Theravada, with reference to their doctrine, development, and concrete localizations throughout South and Southeast Asia, as well as the contemporary West. We will also interrogate the shifting representations

HRCE-3014 Issues in Buddhist Ministry

Explore the difficulties and direction in Buddhist Ministry within the Western context. Also, through a person-centered educational process, explore ways and means to develop one’s personal ministry for the west. To study and evaluate an educational process will be the

HR-3040 Zen Buddhism

Zen Buddhism: Introduction To Zen Buddhist Meditation This is an introductory course aimed at developing a sound basic understanding of and experience in Zen Buddhist meditation practices. We will explore teachings on the Soto Zen practice of shikantaza “just sitting”

HRSP-1508 Intro to Buddhist Meditation

The focus of the course will be given to Early Buddhist Meditation Practices based on Buddhaghosa’s Visuddhi Magga (The Path of Purification) and the Pali Nikakya Texts. The goal of Buddhist Meditation will be discussed as a mental training for

HR-4569 Works of Shinran IV

Works of Shinran IV: Tannisho Introduction to the teachings of Shinran through a study of a key summary of his thought. Course will utilize English translations to support the study of the original text. Prerequisites: HRPH 1614 Introduction to Shin

HR-2995 Topics in Theravada Buddhist Thought

 This class is co-taught by Diana Clark Topics in Theravada Buddhist Thought: The Radiance of Emptiness in Early Buddhism The realization of Emptiness is integral to the worldview, practice, and soteriology taught in Early Indian Buddhism. This class will explore the

HRHS-1518 Buddhist Traditions of East Asia

Introduces the Buddhist traditions transmitted to East Asia and the development of new traditions. Second half of the required yearlong introductory survey of the entire Buddhist tradition. Format: Seminar/lecture Evaluation method: Participation/term paper   Download syllabus SP16 HRHS 1518 Galasek

HR-3017 Readings in Mahayana Texts

This course is co-taught by Rev. Kiyonobu Kuwahara. Readings in Mahayana Texts: Triple Sutra  An introduction to selected Mahayana Buddhist texts in English translation. In this semester we will read the Three Pure Land Sutras: the Larger Sukhavativyuha Sutra, the Smaller Sukhavativyuha

HR-8250 Esoteric Buddhism

A survey of the history, teachings, doctrines, practices and textual traditions of esoteric, or tantric, Buddhism. Particular attention in this course will be given to the relations between Buddhist tantric traditions and other ritual traditions of India. Prerequisites: Some familiarity

HRHS-8455 Topics In Buddhist Thought

HRHS-8455 Topics In Buddhist Thought: Buddhism and Food  This class looks at the history of Buddhism in Asia through the lens of food. Although Buddhism is often thought of as espousing vegetarianism and eschewing alcohol, this view perhaps overly relies on

HRPS-8322 Psychological Aspects of Buddhism III

This course, third in an IBS series, emphasizes the questions that arise when psychological theories and conclusions arising out of Buddhist doctrine and practice enter into sympathetic dialogue with theories, methods and knowledge norms undergirding modern experimental psychology. Topics covered

HR-8344 Traditions of Buddhism in West

This course surveys the history of Buddhist traditions in the West. Beginning with 19th century colonial contact and Asian immigration through 21st century global exchanges, we will explore the various ways that Buddhists, Buddhist communities, and Buddhist ideas have come

HRPH-8488 Topics in Zen Buddhist Thought

Topics in Zen Buddhist Thought: The Lotus Sutra and Zen Views This online course will feature textual study of selected chapters from the Lotus Sutra, a central scripture in Chinese Buddhism, and even more pivotal in Japan, and also commentaries