Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty contact information can be found here.

Rev. Dr. David Ryoe Matsumoto
President and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dr. Scott A. Mitchell
Dean of Students and Faculty Affairs, Accreditation Liaison Officer

Ms. Linda Shiozaki
Director of Finance

Rev. Dr. Seigen Yamaoka
Vice President for Development

Rev. Dr. Daijaku Judith Kinst
Director, Buddhist Chaplaincy Program

Dr. Richard K. Payne
Chair, IBS Publications Committee

Dr. Natalie Fisk Quli
Executive Editor, Pacific World Journal

Ms. Sayaka Inaishi
Associate Librarian, Coordinator Administrative Services

Ms. Helen Tagawa
Registrar and Director of Student Services

Gesshin Greenwood
Communications and Marketing Program Assistant

Rev. Brent Beavers
Buddhist Chaplaincy Program Coordinator