Grace Ramswick

Grace is a Ph.D. Candidate in Buddhist Studies at Stanford University. Her dissertation project investigates the contexts and intertexts of the Wenshushili wen pusa shu jing 文殊師利問菩薩署經 (Taishō 458), one of the lesser-known translations attributed to the second-century CE Yuezhi monk, Lokakṣema (and his associates).

Degrees and Certifications:
M.A. in Religious Studies, Stanford University
B.A. in Religious Studies, UC Berkeley

Research and Teaching Interests:
Buddhist textual culture at the turn of the first millennium
Buddhism in the Indic Northwest and Central Asia
Early Chinese Buddhism
Buddhism and kāvya
Contemporary, international, discourses on Gandhāran heritage
Contemporary Himālayan Buddhism
Manuscript studies
Museum studies
Translation studies

Courses Taught:
Buddhist Traditions of South Asia
Buddhist Traditions of East Asia