IASBS 2017 Announcement

M. Editor  |  August 30, 2016

Institute of Buddhist Studies’ faculty and community have long contributed and supported the work of the International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies (IASBS). IBS hosted the the 17th Biennial IASBS conference, and we are pleased to share the following information about the upcoming 18th Biennial Conference themed “Self-Benefit and Benefit of Others” in Pure Land Buddhism, at Musashino University in Tokyo, June 30 to July 2, 2017. More information is forthcoming; please see contact information below.

18th Biennial Conference of the International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies

Preliminary Announcement

Date:    Friday, June 30 – Noon of Sunday, July 2, 2017.
Place:   Musashino University, Tokyo, Japan
Theme:   “Self-Benefit and Benefit of Others” in Pure Land Buddhism

Keynote speaker: Prof. Fumihiko Sueki  (Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University
and International Research Center of Japanese Studies )

Paper Proposal Deadline: December 1, 2016  (More information forthcoming)

Language:   English and Japanese

Full Paper Submission Deadline:  May 31, 2017

Financial Assistance:
A) Younger scholars (under 40 years old) presenting papers may apply for
limited financial assistance (stipend and/or free rooming at a Buddhist temple. See below for details about free rooming). Apply at the time of registering for the conference.

B) For All Conference Registrants: Financial Assistance will take the form of free rooming.  There is no age limit with priority given to those presenting papers.

Hotel: Participants are expected to make their own arrangement. However, registrants can apply for free rooming at a local Shinshu temple as part of financial assistance.

Free Rooming:   It will be available at a local Shinshu near Musashino University.
(Collective sleeping in futons in large tatami-mat rooms; kitchen access for preparing one’s own meals; 30 minutes to and from the university by train and bus; communal bath and toilet; stays of 5-7 days possible)   Eifukuji Temple: 2-45-1 Tamacho, Fuchu, Tokyo 183-0002

Conference website: It is scheduled to be set up by September 30th, 2016

Contact email address: 18iasbs@musashino-u.ac.jp or kktanaka@gamma.ocn.ne.jp


曜日:   2017年6月30日(金)〜 7月2日(日)

会場:   武蔵野大学武蔵野 武蔵野キャンパス

大会テーマ:   「浄土教における自利と利他」

基調講演者: 末木文美士教授 (東京大学名誉教授、国際日本文化研究センター名誉教授)


発表言語: 英語及び日本語


ホテル:   各自で用意。

助成金: 1)39才以下の若手発表者の助成金(旅費の一部・無料宿泊)。

無料の宿泊: 真宗寺院が無料で宿泊を提供。大会参加者には宿泊可能。自炊のため台所使用有り。
永福寺 (〒183—0002東京都府中市多磨町2−45−1)

大会HP:  2016年9月末までに設置される予定。

連絡メール: 18iasbs@musashino-u.ac.jp または、kktanaka@gamma.ocn.ne.jp