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Buddhist Chaplaincy Program

Buddhist Chaplaincy Program

The Institute of Buddhist Studies is pleased to offer a Buddhist Chaplaincy Program for students wishing to pursue a chaplaincy career in hospice or health care, prison outreach, or the armed services. The emphasis is part of a regular MA or MBS degree and opens opportunities for students to either:

  • simply accumulate course work toward equivalency evaluation by the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC), or
  • complete a three-year course of study that includes the MA or MBS degree, plus additional course work designed to fulfill the chaplaincy program requirements

Click here for more details and program requirements.

If students merely wish to take course work to apply toward their equivalency evaluation, they may elect to enroll at the IBS as a special student. However, if they choose to work toward a graduate level degree, they must complete the course requirements.

Please contact our admissions office should you have any questions or concerns.

The IBS has proudly partnered with the Sati Center to provide additional training for our students.