Our Logo

The IBS logo consists of our school’s name and bodhi leaf. The bodhi leaf represents the tree under which Śākyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment. Within the leaf is a candle, representing the light of wisdom and compassion.

The IBS logo is a registered trademark, and we give our affiliates and partners permission to use the logo in official promotional materials on the web or in print. Please be sure to use the official IBS logo which may be downloaded in various formats below. Also, please consult the official IBS style guide for how best to represent the Institute.

Primary logo, white background, JPEG
Primary logo, white background, PNG
Primary logo, white background, EPS

Secondary logo, purple background, JPEG
Secondary logo, purple background, PNG

IBS GTU co-branding, JPEG
IBS GTU co-branding, PNG

IBS style guide