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Theravada Buddhist Studies

The Institute of Buddhist Studies in partnership with the Sati Institute (SITS) offers a Master of Buddhist Studies with a specialization in Theravada Studies. Theravada is the Buddhism practiced widely in South and Southeast Asia and is based on the early teachings of the Buddha as they are preserved in the Pali canon. In North America, Theravada Buddhism is associated with insight meditation (vipassana) and is the primary source for secular applications of mindfulness and loving-kindness practices. It is also associated with the growing number of Theravada temples founded by immigrant groups from Southeast Asia.

In addition to the courses required by IBS for the MBS degree (please see IBS Program Overview for these requirements), the Sati Institute’s Theravada specialization track has three required courses for 9 units and two electives from the Theravada curriculum.

The required courses are:

  • Pali I (3 units)
  • Reading in Early Buddhist Texts from the Pali canon (3 units)
  • Introduction to the study of Theravada Buddhist Traditions (or Buddhist Traditions of South Asia) (3 units)

The electives are:

  • Meditation in the Theravada Tradition (3 units)
  • Pali II (3 units)
  • Readings in Early Buddhist texts from the Pali canon (3 units; may be repeated as an elective when text being studied is different)
  • Life and Teachings of the Buddha (3 units)
  • Turning the Wheel: Dharma Teaching in the Theravada Tradition (3 units)
  • Buddhist Ethics (3 units)
  • Indian Philosophy (3 units)

Please see the IBS catalogue for a full description of the MBS graduation requirements.

For additional information, please contact Gil Fronsdal, Dean of the Sati Institute of Theravada Buddhist Studies at Fronsdal@gmail.com.