With the support of BDK America (formerly the Numata Center for Buddhist Translation and Research), the Institute of Buddhist Studies publishes the Contemporary Issues in Buddhist Studies series. The scope of the series is broadly defined, so as to include the full range of the Buddhist tradition at all periods in its development, and of methodological approaches to the study of the tradition. Titles in the series are marketed and distributed by University of Hawai’i Press. Editor in Chief for the Series is Richard K. Payne.

The first volume in the series was published to commemorate the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the Numata Endowment at the Institute of Buddhist Studies. The volume, Shin Buddhism: Historical, Textual, and Interpretive Studies, brings together seventeen articles that had previously appeared in Pacific World, which was originally established by Rev. Yehan Numata when he was a student at UC Berkeley.

Titles can be ordered from the the BCA Buddhist Bookstore and include:

Pure Land Buddhism in China: A Doctrinal History, by Mochizuki Shinkō, two vols., edited by Richard K. Payne and Natalie E.F. Quli

Wading into the Stream of Wisdom: Essays in Honor of Leslie Kawamura, edited by Sarah F. Haynes and Michelle J. Sorensen

A Collection of Important Odes of the Law: The Chinese Udānavarga, by Charles Willemen

Zen Anarchism: The Egalitarian Dharma of Uchiyama Gudō, by Fabio Rambelli

Path of No Path: Contemporary Studies in Pure Land Buddhism Honoring Roger Coreless, edited by Richard K. Payne

Shin Buddhism: Historical, Textual, and Interpretive Studies, edited by Richard K. Payne