2015 Graduation Commencement

M. Editor  |  May 19, 2015

Five Institute of Buddhist Studies’ students were presented with their Masters Degrees and two professorial chair appointments were made at commencement ceremonies on Friday, May 15, 2015 at the Jodo Shinshu Center, 2140 Durant Avenue, Berkeley, CA .

Rev. Dr. David Matsumoto chaired the event. Bishop Kodo Umezu, President of IBS, conducted the opening service.  Dr. Richard Payne, Dean, and Mr. Richard Endo, Chair of the IBS Board of Trustees, gave opening remarks.

Dr. Paula Arai, a doctoral graduate of Harvard University in Buddhist Studie, and  a visiting scholar ftom Louisiana State University, gave the commencement address titled “Tumbling Rocks, Polishing Hearts,”

Dr. Payne and Rev. Marvin Harada, IBS Trustee, presented conferral of Graduate Degrees.

Three graduates received the IBS/Graduate Theological Union MA.

  • Haruka Beppu:  Thesis: The Issue of Buddha-Nature in Shin Buddhism in the West.  Committee: Rev. Matsumoto, Ph.D., and Rev. Seigen Yamaoka, Litt.D.
  • Cogen Bohanec: Thesis: A Comparison Between Selfhood in the Upanisad-S and the Pali Canons.  Committee: Dr. Payne, Gil Fronslal, Ph.D., Rev. Charlie Pokrny, M.A.
  • Candice Tei Shibata: Thesis: The Transformation of Attachment, Loss, and Love Trough Religious Experience.  Committee: Dr. Matsumoto, Rev. Daijaku Judith Kinst, Ph.D.

Two graduates received the Master of Buddhist Studies.

  • Matthew Noboru Hamasaki:  Thesis: Evolution of Ritual in the Buddhist Churches of America.  Committee: Dr. Matsumoto, Scott A. Mitchell, Ph.D.
  • Kory Hideo Quon:  Thesis: A Discussion of Rennyo’s Five-fold Teaching for a Tulu Settled Life: Namu Amida Butsu in Contemporary Living. Committee: Dr. Matsumoto. Dr. Yamaoka.

Candice Shibata was awarded the Buddhism and Contemporary Psychology Certificate from Advisor, Dr. Kinst.

The IBS Board of Trustees announced faculty chair appointments to:

  • Rev.  Daijaku Judith Kinst, Ph.D., Chapaincy Program Director,  the Noboru and Yaeko Hansyu Professor, Buddhist Chaplaincy
  • Scott  A. Mitchell, Ph.D and Assistant Dean, the Rev. Yoshitaka Tami Professor for Jodo Shinshu Buddhistt Studies