Development Bulletin

M. Editor  |  August 12, 2016

As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Institute of Buddhist Studies as a graduate school, we are at a pivotal point of taking a giant leap forward in our educational development.

The IBS Annual Giving Program for IBS Ministerial Student Scholarships is now in its third year. With the support of many generous people, the scholarship program has helped to increase interest in Shin Buddhist ministerial studies. Presently, we have one full-time student, one beginning in the fall, three part-time students, and nine Kyoshi Certificate Program students studying at IBS. Some in the Kyoshi Certificate Program are considering transferring into the degree program.

To support our present and future students, we are in need of the continuous generous support of our “Friends of IBS.”

In 2016, to date, we have received $36,000.00 in gifts. We express out heartfelt gratitude to this who have already given, and request those who have yet to give, please do so to help this great cause. Our goal is $100,000.00 a year.

With the growth of our curriculum to include the Buddhist chaplaincy program, we have initiated a scholarship fund to support our chaplaincy students. Also, we are looking to raise scholarship funds for those students who wish to study and learn about Shin Buddhism and Buddhist studies from an academic perspective.

For those who wish to help in the development of IBS, please contact me at for further information.

Seigen Yamaoka, Litt.D
Vice President for Development