Dharma at Times of Need

M. Editor  |  May 8, 2013

With the theme: “Dharma at Times of Need: The Interface of Chaplaincy and Ministry,” a jointly sponsored symposium by the Institute of Buddhist Studies and the Harvard Divinity School, was held on May 3-4, 2013 at the Institute of Buddhist Studies in Berkeley, CA. Presentations were made by faculty and students.

“The joint event provided an opportunity for students and faculty to share their experiences bringing a Buddhist religious orientation into action in ministry and chaplaincy. Upon completion of the symposium there was consensus that another meeting would be beneficial,” said Dr. Richard Payne, IBS Dean.

In the first session, Daijaku Kinst, Director, Chaplaincy Program at IBS, presented a paper titled, “What Makes Buddhist Chaplaincy Buddhist? Developing an Educational Foundation for Buddhist Chaplains and Ministers in a Multi-Tradition and Multi-Faith Setting.” Dawn Neal, IBS Chaplaincy student’s presentation was titled, “Offering Buddhist Practice Outside Buddhism: Considerations for Training Buddhist Chaplains.”  Adrinanne Vincent, HDS, presented, “Buddhist Hospital Chaplaincy, Vipassana Meditation, and Caring for Cancer Patients and Caregivers.”  Kazuha Fujii, Ryukoku University, presented a paper on, “Practical Shin Buddhist Studies: A Student ‘s Perspective.”

The keynote address was delivered by Seigen Yamaoka, IBS. He spoke on the topic, “Making Ministry Practical: Changing Roles in Japan. He spoke on the movement for the rise of what is called “practical ministry” as a new movement in educating ministers in Japan.

The second session on Saturday began with Peter Yuichi Clark, American Baptist Seminary of the West and Manager of Spiritual Care Services at UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. He spoke on, “ Offering Respectful Care While Navigating Multi-Racial and Multi-Religious Boundaries.”  Hillary Collins-Gilpatrick, HDS, presented, “Exploring Buddhist Ministry in the Pulpit and in 12-Step Groups.”  Matthew Hamasaki, IBS Ministry, presented, “Ministering to Diversity: The Jodo Shinshu Sangha in America.” Margaret Lowe, HDS, presented, “Buddhist Ministries in the Church.”

The third session presenter, Cheryl Giles, Francis Greenwood Peabody Professor of the Practice in Pastoral Care and Counseling, HDS, due to illness was not able to make her presentation titled, “Self Renewal Through Natural Empathy: Caring for Ourselves and Others.” Bill Dearth, IBS Ministry, presented, “Ministering to the LGBT Community in BCA Temples.”  Chenxing Han, IBS Chaplaincy, presented, “Voices from the Two-Thirds: Young Adult Asian American Engage with Buddhism.” Nancy Chu, HDS, presented, “The Role of Pain in Transformative Religious Practices.

The fourth session had Trent Thornley, IBS Chaplaincy, present, “Skill in Storytelling What the Ariyapariyesana Sutta (Noble Search) Offers Buddhist Caregivers.” Sarah Jabbour, HDS, presented, Dharma in Dying.” Dr. Payne, IBS, presented, “To Whom does Kisa Gotami Speak? A Tale of Three Audiences.”

In concluding the symposium, Dr. Payne thanked Ms. Gillette for her help in working on the program, and  the following IBS staff for their support:  Rev. Dr. David Matsumoto, Dr. Scott Mitchell, Dr. Takahiro Kameyama, Rev. Yufuko Kurioka, and the IBS Office staff, Linda Shiozaki, Sayaka Inaishi,  and Lia Noguchi.


Photo of presenters:

Front row Left to Right:  Trent Thornley (IBS), Dr.  Cheryl Giles (HDS), Chenxing Han (IBS), Nancy Chu (HDS), Margaret Lowe (HDS), Matthew Hamasaki (IBS), and Dr. Richard Payne.

Back row: Dr. Daijaku Kinst (IBS), Dr. Seigen Yamaoka (IBS), Kazuha Fujii (Ryukoku), Dawn Neal (IBS),  Adrianne Vincent (HDS), Hillary Collins-Gilpatrick (HDS), Sarah Jabbour (HDS), and Julie Gillette (HDS).

Not pictured are: Bill Dearth (IBS) and Dr. Peter Yuichi Clark (ABSW).