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M. Editor  |  August 4, 2010

The Pacific World, Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies, Berkeley has recently published its Third Series: Number 10 volume with two special sections dealing with the Psychological Reflection on Buddhism and New Perspectives on Buddhist Modernism. The sections were edited by Dr. Mark Unno, University of Oregon, and Dr. Jeff Wilson, Renison University College at the University of Waterloo, respectively.

Beginning from 2004, the Center for Humanities, Religion, and Science at Ryukoku University of Japan; the Institute of Buddhist Studies; University of Oregon; and Boston University have been the central collaborators on research into the field of Buddhism and psychotherapy. Papers presented, in part, held at the conferences biannually, are presented in this Journal.

New Perspectives on Buddhist Modernism presented in this journal are essays presented at the American Academy of Religions held in San Diego, 2007.

In the first section the authors and titles of papers presented are: Ven. Hogan Bays, Great Vow Monestery, Oregon, “On Silence;” Prof. Takanori Sugiokja, Ryukoku University, Kyoto, “The Dialectic of the Three Vows;” Prof. Vena R. Howard, University of Oregon, “Listening to the Buddha’s Noble Truths;” Prof. Naoki Nabeshima, Ryukoku University, “The Emancipation of the Evil Beings;” Marie Yoshida, University of Oregon, “Ajatashatru: Family System and Karma;” and a reprint of an article by the late Dr. James Kirsch, Los Angeles, “Affinities Between Zen and Analytical Psychology.”

The second section of authors and subject are: Wilson, “New Perspectives on Buddhist Modernism,” Prof. Wakoh Shannon Hickey, Alfred University, “Swedenborg: A Modern Buddha?” Prof. David L. McMahan, Franklin and Marshall College, “A Brief History of Interdependence;” Dr. Richard Payne, IBS, “Traditionalist Representations of Buddhism;” and Natalie Quli, IBS/GTU, “Multiple Buddhist Modernisms: Jhana in Convert Theravada.”

A book review on by Pema Chödrön on “No time to Lose,” is presented by Prof. Daijaku Judith Kinst, IBS.

You may view or download PDFs of all articles and the entire journal from the IBS website. Or contact the Pacific World if you would like to subscribe to the paper version.

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