Student Housing

Housing is available to single IBS students at the Haste Street Dormitory with preference given to full-time, degree program students. Housing application is to be made during the admissions application procedure. Applications for residence are due by May 15th for the following academic year or Fall term, and October 15th for the following Spring term. Replies to applications will be made by July 1st, and December 1st, respectively.

IBS dormitory residency contracts are for a full year, unless prior arrangements are specifically made. The term of the contract is 15 August of one year to 14 August of the next. Dormitory rent includes cost of all utilities, garbage collection, shared kitchen facilities and normal maintenance. Washer and dryer are on the premises.

Rents and deposits are subject to change, the amounts given here are estimates based on recent history, not a firm offer of rental rate.

Single room (per month): $650 to $850, plus a security/cleaning deposit. Students wishing to reside in the dormitory should contact the dormitory manager or Registrar ( directly.

The Dormitory has a limited number of rooms available, so not every IBS student can be accommodated. The IBS undertakes no responsibility for finding housing for students, and does not assist in the location of housing.

The Berkeley area has many housing options with rents typically ranging from $1000 to $2000 per month for a shared room, studio, or one bedroom apartment. Students are encouraged to start early in their housing search.