Affiliated Institutions and Programs

The Institute of Buddhist Studies has partnered with a number of affiliate organizations to support and enhance our programs.

Buddhist Churches of America (BCA)

The Institute of Buddhist Studies was originally established by the Buddhist Churches of American to train Jōdo Shinshū ministers for service in the United States. Since our founding more than half a century ago, we have broadened our offerings while remaining committed to this core mission. We continue to work with the BCA and its affiliate organization, the Center for Buddhist Education, to provide education and training in the entirety of the Buddhist tradition.

Graduate Theological Union (GTU)

In 1985, under the guidance of then-BCA Bishop Rev. Seigen Yamaoka, the IBS became an affiliate of the Graduate Theological Union. Today, we are a full member school school of the GTU consortium, a partnership that provides the opportunity to connect with a diverse community of religious scholars, and provide our students with access to the rich library holdings of both the GTU and the University of California, Berkeley.

Ryukoku University, Kyoto, Japan

For over three centuries, Ryukoku University has been a center of Buddhist education, affiliated with the Nishi Hongwanji branch of Jōdo Shinshū Buddhism in Japan. We are honored to be partners with Ryukoku, a partnership that affords our students an opportunity to study abroad and deepen their understanding of Japanese Buddhism.

Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

Established by Chan Master Sheng Yen, Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts is a major center of Buddhist education and monastic training in Taiwan. Our partnership allows for a student exchange program, giving our students an opportunity to engage Chinese Buddhism in its Taiwanese context.

Sati Institute for Theravada Studies

The Sati Institute for Theravada Studies, in the Insight Mediation tradition and lead by Jennifer Block, Gil Fronsdal, and Paul Haller, balances scholarly inquiry with serious meditation practice. The Institute of Buddhist Studies has partnered with the Sati Institute to provide both Buddhist chaplaincy education and the Certificate in Theravada Studies.