IBS Announces New Admissions Guidelines

M. Editor  |  January 23, 2020

The Institute of Buddhist Studies’ Admissions Committee has revised its application policies for all degree and certificate programs. Among the most significant changes are:

  • reduced application fees: $40 for M.Div. and M.B.S. degree program applications; $15 for all certificate program applications
  • GRE test scores are now optional for the two degree programs

Revised policies are specific to each degree and certificate program and are intended to clarify how the Admissions Committee reviews applications.

“We know the application process can be confusing and stressful,” said IBS Dean Scott Mitchell. “The new guidelines are intended to remove some of that stress.”

A growing number of undergraduate and graduate programs have begun to make GRE and other standardized test scores optional. Princeton University’s graduate programs, for example, made the scores optional last year, and IBS’s decision follows their lead.

“One objective of the admission process,” said Dean Mitchell, “is to ensure that a student can succeed in a graduate program. You can demonstrate this in a lot of ways — including test scores — but the Admissions Committee really reviews everything, including prior coursework, letters of recommendation, and so on.”

He continued, “And the fact is, not everyone who’s able to succeed in a graduate program is also a good test taker. So I’m proud that we’ve made GRE scores optional.”

To learn more about IBS degree and certificate programs, visit our website. The deadline for fall 2020 degree program admissions is March 1.