New Online Certificate Program

M. Editor  |  April 16, 2019

The Institute of Buddhist Studies is pleased to announce a new educational program — a Certificate in Buddhist Studies.

This low-residency graduate program may be completed on-site in Berkeley or fully online. The program is intended to introduce students both to the history and breadth of the Buddhist tradition as well as the academic study of Buddhism. Ideal for students who have some background or undergraduate study in Buddhism or religious studies and are interested in pursuing a graduate program, some units from this program may be transferred in to one of IBS’s degree programs.

The program has one required course — Introduction to Buddhism and Buddhist Studies being offered in fall 2019 — and three elective requirements giving students the opportunity to focus and personalize their studies.

For the upcoming academic year, online courses include:

  • Intro to Buddhism and Buddhist Studies (Scott Mitchell, fall)
  • Esoteric Buddhism (Richard Payne, fall)
  • Women and Mahayana Buddhism (Lisa Grumbach, fall)
  • History of Shin Buddhist Tradition (Galen Amstutz, fall)
  • Buddhism in the West (Scott Mitchell, spring)
  • Buddhist Ethics (Gil Fronsdal and Diana Clark, spring)
  • Japanese Buddhist Poets (Taigen Daniel Leighton, spring)

Additionally, many of our on-site courses have been adapted as “hybrid courses,” allowing students at a distance to access real-time courses via video conference. Please visit our website for additional information on online and hybrid courses. Potential hybrid courses include:

  • Buddhist Responses to Colonialism (Thomas Calobrisi, fall)
  • Buddhism and World Religions (Emily Wu, fall)
  • Three Pure Land Sutras (Harry Bridge and Kiyonobu Kuwahara, spring)
  • Women in Theravada Buddhism (Natalie Quli, spring)

The Certificate in Buddhist Studies is now accepting applications for fall 2019 enrollment. The fall semester begins September 3. Visit our website for complete information on the program and admissions requirements, apply online, and contact us with any questions.