Taigen Dan Leighton Published in Joanna Macy Volume

Gesshin Claire Greenwood  |  April 26, 2021

Environmental activists and Buddhists have admired the work of Joanna Macy for decades. We’re pleased and excited that IBS professor Dr. Taigen Dan Leighton has a new chapter published in Joanna Macy’s latest book, A Wild Love For the World: Joanna Macy and the Work of Our Time, edited by Stephanie Kaza. Leighton’s chapter, “Being Time and Deep Time,” explores Zen Master Dōgen’s Uji chapter, temporality, the Lotus Sutra, and how the Buddhist notions of interconnectedness can be applied to contemporary considerations about the environment.

Leighton’s chapter can be read here.

To purchase A Wild Love For the World, visit the Shambhala website. 

For recorded dharma talks and more information on Leighton’s Buddhist teaching, visit Ancient Dragon’s website.